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Being in the dental industry for 30 years and most of that time spent on the equipment side of the business and a big part of that time being spent repairing dental equipment. I realized that a lot of the service calls I performed on delivery systems and autoclaves over the years was due to the poor quality of water being used in dental equipment, causing them to malfunction pre-maturely. In the late 80s, another real problem came to light in the dental industry, it was called bio-film. Active biofilm is a source of microbial contamination of dental unit water lines.

In the early 2000s, a couple of companies decided to tackle this problem. I was happy to see that the dental industry was going to finally take these issues seriously; however, most of the companies were only addressing parts of the problem. Some companies worked on Bio-Film issues and others worked on clean water system. These were all good ideas, but the cost of the solution was more than the doctor could justify. A lot of doctors started buying distilled water in bottles for their autoclave and their clean water bottle systems.  This works but it’s not practical.

This is why we have developed the Hydro-Pure Clean Water System an affordable solution that will remove up to 99% of all total dissolved solids in your water and along with a product that's been around for many year called Mint-A-Kleen dental unit waterlines and bottle cleaner, we have addressed both issues relating to dental water, pre-mature equipment failure, and bio-film in dental water lines.

We are the new kids on the block. However, we our dedicated in bringing only the best products to the dental market. Our promise to our customers is to deliver "quality products at an affordable price."

Our Mission

To provide dental practitioners an affordable solution in providing clean pure distilled grade water to their patients and their dental equipment.